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Terry Moe Memories of Susanne's mom September 11, 2012
   I was Susanne's boyfriend during high school and part of college, and Ginny--although I never once
 called her that--was always wonderful to me: kind, generous, understanding, warm.   She was
also funny, unfailingly upbeat, and the life of the party.  She added to everyone's happiness.  She surely
added to mine.  
   I can't remember the last time I saw her--in Ohio, maybe, in about 1971?  But I've always missed her
and thought about her. 
   I hope Susanne, Diane, and Jim are holding up well under this very considerable loss.  I miss you all too.
Dieder The Last Words June 21, 2012

As I sit thinking of the last words I spoke to you Momma, I believe you heard them and heeded them. I told you as I bent close to your ear, that God loves you. He sent Jesus to die for you. He became flesh and came to earth for you. If you would have been the only person on earth, He would have come for you. I told you that you were the apple of His eye and wanted you to pray and talk to Him. I told you that you could talk to Him even in your mind, that He was there in your room to listen. I believe you asked Him to take you to heaven. I believe you are there now.

I will keep you close in my heart always and see you in the place of Glory!!!

Your daughter,
Bill The Merry Prankster June 16, 2012
If there is one lasting memory of my mother-in-law, it will be her many pranks and her wonderful sense of humor. She loved to wear masks or cajole others into wearing them.  When the movie "Grumpy Old Men" came out, she convinced me to wear an "old man mask" and walk with a cane into the movie with her; she delighted in telling other movie-goers, as we walked arm-in-arm, how much she loved Grumpy Old Men ... like me ... and that it was about time someone made a movie celebrating them!  I also cherished the dozen golf balls she gave me with the meanest, least attractive photo of her on them that she could find, in an attempt to "improve my driving distance." While they unfortunately did not improve my golf game, I still think of her every time I show one of those hilarious balls to my playing partners.  They all get a kick out of them...  I will sorely miss Virginia, the Merry Prankster!    
Susanne Thank you Mother June 15, 2012
My strongest memory of my mother is how much she constantly encouraged me and believed in me.  She was always telling me I could do ANYTHING if I set my mind to it.  She gave me piano lessons, dancing lessons, swimming lessons, and sent me to Girl Scout camp.  I'm sorry to say that I did not become a great pianist or dancer or swimmer, but I never missed out on any opportunity, thanks to my mom.  When I wanted so badly to win the 4th grade Halloween costume contest, my mother told me of course I could win it, and dressed me as "Mary had a Little Lamb."  To clinch the win, she brought our fluffy white poodle Poupee to school to act as my lamb--decked out in a big velvet bow and leash. And yes, I won first place.

Just a few weeks ago, mom was telling me that she told the nurse treating her leg that I could do anything.  I said "oh Mom, that's not true."  She insisted quite adamantly that it was true.  But what I should have answered, what I wish I had answered, and what I want to tell her now is this:  whatever I am and whatever I may have accomplished or will accomplish in this life is because of you, mommie, and your absolute faith in me.  I am forever grateful for that and will carry it with me always. 
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